🌹“Teacher’s Day  Celebration”🌹

✨✨Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September of every year in India – the birth anniversary of the former President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.🙏 This is the special day for the appreciation of the teachers . We celebrate this day to honour the Gurus (teachers ) who guide , teaches and help us to choose the correct path. ✨✨

Without teachers our lives has no meanings. They are the one who makes effort to build our lives fruitful. They are like a coconut , hard from outside as they scold us for doing wrong and making mistakes but from inside they are soft, they always want us to be a good human being and a better person with moral and social values.

Every year in my college there is a proper celebration with decorations 🌸and cultural program like 💃 dancing, 🎤🎵singing, speeches etc.

But today we could not do so as my college is closed due to lockdown. So my batchmates decided for a social distancing celebration. We invited teachers for the online meeting 🤝. On video conference we greeted them and made them feel special by  arranging a little program. We started with the 🙏Guru Vandana🙏, a song for teacher in Sanskrit language, as we are Indian and our every celebration start with a sanskrit slokas.

After that there was a speech ceremony, everyone shared their views and showed their values for teachers in their lives. We thanked our mentors for motivating, inspiring and helping us.

As our professors are doing their best to teach us from home by taking online classes, making videos on lectures and sharing with us. In words , it’s difficult to tell them what they meant to us.

After a long time we talked face to face with our professors and H. O. Ds. It was the very happy and memorable moment . Being quarantined we made a little effort to show them their importance and respect we have in our lives…

But for me this day became more special when my students ( I am also a home tuitor 🙂) wished me and got a little gift and chocolates for me. I had started taking tuition classes when I completed my 12 th and joined college i. e two years back. In these two years they really made me feel so special. ✨

Today was one of the wonderful,glorious and mesmerizing day. 😍😍

At last I also want to wish all the bloggers who make me inspired with their posts.

✨💐Happy teacher’s day💐✨

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