“A rainy day is a special gift to readers.” – Amy Miles

After tolerating the hot days it’s finally raining. It’s 12 at night. There is a splish and splash of water droplets. The wind is blowing , there is a thunder and lightning.

It’s raining heavily . I like the sounds of heavy rain and the thunder in a dark.

I am in my bed lying down with my phone using social media. and listening to my favourite songs. It’s a perfect time to read anything you like when it rains.

Every drop has a story to tell. And I am going to share some pictures which talks about rain( Baarish) …


36 thoughts on “Rain…

  1. Beautiful Savs. In my part of the world it has been a gorgeous monsoon and I love the rain too! But am fast asleep at mid night 😅
    For me it is a hot cup of tea and my thoughts or something great to read 💖

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    1. Thanks for your wonderful words.  People have different reasons to wait for the Rainy Season eagerly. After all, it brings a sigh relief for everyone. No matter what the weather may be, a rainy day relaxes and soothes our soul.

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  2. While living in Seattle, WA I didn’t like the rain as it often just spit and the skies were mostly gray year around. Growing up in So. AZ, US, I loved the rain as it was stormy, thundering, lightening, and you could smell it coming for days, then it left puddles to jump in afterward. On vacation trips to the NE mountains and lakes in AZ, I’d lie in the cabin we were renting and feel so cozy while it rained outside.

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours!

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    1. Yes, the rainy day is really very memorable. Every year in India we have to wait for this season…
      Well I really enjoyed ur blog .As I am beginner in this blogging world so it would be really fun and exciting to experience the bloggers of the WordPress family…😊😊

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