What is Self concept??

Hi guys. I hope you all are in a good health . As I was getting disturbed by the thoughts my mind was creating. So I decided to read a book and there I learnt the proper definition, meaning of this term… which boosted up and charged me so today I am here to talk about self concept.

First of all what is self concept?? What does it mean?

Self concept is a term which tells how someone thinks, evaluate, notices and perceives themselves. Everything we know about ourselves,our believes, our thoughts,our personality and our ability to do anything.

Our self concept precedes and predicts our  level of performance,effectiveness, and activeness in everything we do. We all have an overall self concept which is created with all our beliefs. These bundles of beliefs contains our decision, emotions, experiences, feelings, reactions, failure, ideas, opinion of our lives experience which we are living or the past which we experienced.

These self concept determines and show our reflection, how we think, acknowledge , feel about ourselves and measure how well we are doing in our lives.

For example, we have a self concept how well we behave, how we drive a car, how we react to the situation, how much good we are as a friend, how smart we are, how good we are in sports etc etc.

Sometimes these self concept make our thoughts limited as these concept are mainly subjective and not based on true facts. We often thinks that I am scared of this, my world is small, my happiness depends on these, I cannot do this or that, I am bad at that or these things are not for me but friends these are not true.

Whatever we think is just concept made with our knowledge we collected , beliefs we have all are just created and gained from somewhere.

If our self concept is negative , we think bad about ourselves, our self esteem make us feel low and realise that our life is burden. But this not true every person life is precious and important in this earth, as God has given us life and God cannot make anyone live aimless. He always have plan for us.

So Here are some points we need to always keep in mind to change our thoughts towards ourselves…

1.Never make self limiting concept.

2.Always keep positive thoughts in your mind.

3.If you made a mistake accept it and take a lesson from it.

4.Imagine that you are calm, confident and unafraid of anything.

5.Always have faith in yourself that You can set a goal and have the ability to achieve it.

6.Free up yourself from negative and mind hampering thoughts.

I hope you all read this post and enjoy. And do like,comment and share… πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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