💫✨Happy Navaratri…✨💫💫

From today the navaratri starts… And it’s time to welcome Durga Maa ( Goddess durga) at our footstep. This Indian festival is celebrated by the hindus every year in the autumn with great enthusiasm and belief.It is celebrated with reverence to Goddess Durga,one of the most revered hindu dieties.

We worship Maa Durga as a Goddess of power and slayer of evil forces and negativity . This puja continues till nine days. In these nine days we worship nine different forms ( aavtar of devi ) of maa durga.

The different forms of maa durga are…

1.Goddess shailputri

2.Goddess Brahmacharini

3. Goddess Chandraghanta

4.Goddess Kushmanda

5.Goddess Skandmata

6.Goddess Katyayani

7. Goddess Kaalratri

8.Godess Mahagauri

9.Goddess Siddhidaatri

Mai balak Tu mata sherawaliye…

Every forms has its own significance. This festival teaches us to destroy the evilness and forget the woes of life and enjoy the wows for some period of time.

I wish every wordpress family a very Happy Navaratri /Happy Durga Puja. May Maa Durga bestow her blessings to all of us… 🙏🙏

20 thoughts on “💫✨Happy Navaratri…✨💫💫

    1. Happy navaratri … 🥳🥳🥳
      Yes, in these (navratri)nine days we keep fasting(no meal in the evening) so we need food with high protein and carbs. And we do not consume garlic and onion these days for purity. Some popular foods of navaratri are:
      Sabudana ka kheer
      Singhare ka halwa
      Pulav( my favorite)
      Roasted makhana
      Aloo ki kadhi

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