Motivation is derived from the word motive which means desire, needs, wants, goal and motivation is the reason to achieve the goal, willingness, action, and needs.

We can also say motivation is the degree of preparedness , willingness, which energizes the person or an organism to be focused on its motive.

Everyday we need motivation. Without this one cannot perform any action or achieve any goal. Every work require motivation whether we drink water, eat food , read a book or do any kind of stuffs. But these motives are basic like drinking, eating, sleeping and all the daily stuffs , for this we don’t need motivation as our body is working on its own.

But There are some work, or goals, aim, objective,target desires we want to accomplish. They seems difficult to achieve. Sometimes we lose hope, get bored, or irregularities in work or even we give up. So what to do??

First of all these situation only comes when we don’t set a proper goal, or even we have it we don’t get the proper environment.

Motivation only works when our inner voice tells us do.

So to stay focused and motivated here are some tips :

1 . You should know the reason why you want to do that.

2. Take a small step, don’t force yourself as it will only make u feel stressed and repel you from doing it.

3.If you are want to achieve that acquire and investigate about that field appropriately. Have a vision it.

4. Enjoy every moment of your hard work.

5. Approach the task in a new and interesting way.

6.Never self limit yourself.

7.Always make sure that the place you are working should be uncluttered so that your mind will be calm and relaxed. A peaceful and calm place helps you work productively and efficiently.

8. Let the distraction get starve so that you can be focused.

9.You should always keep a deadline for that particular task

10.Dont forget to reward yourself after attaining that task . You can reward yourself by eating your favorite cuisine, or watching your favorite show.

11.Also avoid multitasking as it will only gonna hamper your mind.

12.Do watch some motivational video and songs.

Some motivational quotes…

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