Life – an unpredictable journey…

“Life is no different than the weather. Not only is it unpredictable, but it shows us a new perspective of the world every day.”   –  Suzy kassem

A journey which we have no control over. A change which remains constant. In our lives some days can be tough but some days goes so well that we even have dreamt of.

We face many challenges, complications ,highs and lows in our lives, some make us strong, brave and some lead us broken, depressed and low. But our journey did not end, it keeps on moving and continuing, nurturing our stability to live a life.

Our thoughts, behaviour, and action decides how and where our journey will lead us.

The path of this journey is short, limited, and calculated in numbers, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.

In these calculated days we play different roles as described by Shakespeare in the poem Seven ages.

Can anyone tell which age is happiest age among the seven?

Most of the answers will be a child phase. Well I don’t knowπŸ™„πŸ™„

In these different phase of life we go through different kinds of variations, come across through different kinds of people, face various situation, it can be emotional, mental or physical.

Any change around us, affect us whether it’s positive or negative. We learn from every such changes. Sometimes one also gets distracted, frustrated, and annoyed by the things, which keep going on, and which can’t be controlled. We just start thinking, why so unfair with me only? We cry,sometimes we lose our temperament.  On that moment only your self belief is going to help, nothing else.

And it’s ok to be not ok. We are living organisms, we feel every emotions and we also react it to that. But which matter is the most is the reaction which going to affect the situation. So, before reacting ,think ones, your one can word make a day or destroy the moment.

In these journey, we also do mistakes, but we should know to take lesson from it rather that regretting and crying.

Your lessons, experiences and the way you tackled the situation shows how valuable, interesting your journey was.

And the decision should be taken by own evaluation rather than following others.

So,It’s only you who decides what you want in your lives. So never give your driving seat of your life to anyone. It’s only you who deserve to feel what you want to feel. It’s you who need to know that your happiness depends on you not on the others. Never give the remote of your life to anyone . You should give the first priority to yourself rather than others because if you are not happy, confident you cannot make others happy.

So guys Enjoy this ride of your life. And have a great day ahead…

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