Social Media Marketing…

Social media is one of the most powerful platform where one can share his / her views , thoughts and ideas of brand and products for their business. To make it effective we use S. M. M i.e Social Media Marketing.

Now let us understand what is social media marketing.

S. M. M ( Social Media Marketing) is a term refers to advertise, promote and market the brand or products of any company through social media(facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat etc.) It’s main purpose is to connect with large number of audience and interested customers , and helping them by creating awareness of the brands and it’s requirement in better way.

Importance of S. M. M

1.It enhances the growth in business.

2.It helps in sharing the ideas of the particular products/brands all over the world.

3.For building stong and healthy relationship with customers.

4.It helps to explore and learn the competitors strategy for good marketing skills.

5.It is very cost effective i.e cost per exposure is minimum.

6.It helps in increase sales and drive traffic to the brands and sites.

7.It also helps to increase overall ROI(Return on Investment).

Most important platforms for marketing are:







Five pillars of S. M. M (Social Media Marketing)

1.Strategy: To create a consumer based or consumer centric, it’s important to know your goals, content of the brand and also the social media or sites that are fit for your brand promotion.

2.Planning and Publishing : Planning and publishing will help in consistency and informative, trending content to increase the traffic.

3.Engagement : without engaging with audience, no marketing is effective . So, it’s very important to socialise with people and increase social media and social site followers , for that talking, listening and supporting will help you grow bonding and relationship with people all over the world.

4.Analytics : for analysis, report making is must, to know the performance of the post.

5.Adverstising : the last is advertising. For that everyone needs to invest in social ads to spread awareness about the brand that will help in reaching the content to the large amount of users and targeted audience.

Some list of Social Media Marketing Tools…

1.IFFTT :It helps in scheduling the content.

2.Tweepi : It helps to find relevant and interested users.

3.Zerofox : It helps to secure from hackers.

4.Audiense : It helps to target new audience.

5.Brandwatch : It helps to analyse date and time.

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