Sunshine Bloggers Award

A Big Thank You…

For the first time I have been nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award by my friend Soni❤💜

She is such an awesome bloggers. Her posts are about life, dreams and much more. Be sure to check her blog. sonibindass571181659. wordpress. com


(1) Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.

(2) Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

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1)Do you love travelling, if yes then what is the most memorable event in your travel journey till date? -No I m not much a travel person.

2)What is the most happiest memory you have from your childhood?                                             -Well I have all lots happy days related to my childhood. The best was ,when I went for shopping and bought my first barbie doll set.

3)Are you a foodie? if yes what is your fav cuisine and why? -Yes I am a very foodie. I love Chinese( momos, chowmin, etc.) the most as it so yumm😋😋 and it’s the only food which I never get bored.

4)Ever any event made you anxious? -Yes, one day my friend played prank on me. She messaged me from her a new number as a stranger and started talking about my secrets. I really got scared that time. 😳

5)What is music for you? – For me, music is life. There are songs for different mood and emotions like happiness, sad, motivational etc. and every song I relate it with my life …🎶🎵🎶

6)Why did you start writing blogs? and why only blogs? -I always wanted to write📝📝 something but never get idea where to pen my thoughts of my chaotic and childish mind. So my sister told me to give a try on blogging and also to meet the people around the world…

7)What makes you angry immediately? I get angry immediately on someone when he or she makes fun of me😂😂 ( not seriously😂)

8)Do you love Me time? if yes then what do you do in your me time? -Without me time my life would be like I am missing myself. In my me time I like reading magazines, dancing💃 , listening music 🎼🎶 and thinking about my future plans… 💭🤔💭

9)If you were given power of God for one day, what would you do? -I think everyone would love to get the power of God. But I don’t think that in one day I could change the whole world as there are many issues people’s are suffering from. So I would just like to give blessings to every person who are doing there work with determination, or trying to Achieve his or her dream.

10)What is your fitness mantra? -My fitness mantra is not only to eat proper food, and exercise but also to refresh ,meditate and recharge your mind and fill it with positiveness. As our body is a slave of our mind.

11)A true friend– who according to you is a true friend and why? – My true friend is my dido(sister)who is elder to me. I have chose her to be my true friend bcoz she understand my thoughts, problem and helps me when I m in some chaos or in a bad mood.

My Nominees…

My Questions…

1. According to you is a life in three words??

2.Which night scared you the most??

3. Which blogger inspired you the most and why??

4.Do you have a pet. If yes then which one and why??

5.What is your favorite colour? . Write about the beauty of that colour.

6.Which Generation you like the most??

7.Do you have any of your school memories which made you feel proud of yourself? Which one?

8. If you get the award for the best bloggers by the Prime Minister. What would be the first thought comes in your mind?

9.If you like collecting things, What are the collection you have till date…?

10.Are you a self motivated person? If yes then what motivates you?

11.What are the three things you would love to do if you know you are going to die in 3 days?

thank you so much guys for your love and support.


“A rainy day is a special gift to readers.” – Amy Miles

After tolerating the hot days it’s finally raining. It’s 12 at night. There is a splish and splash of water droplets. The wind is blowing , there is a thunder and lightning.

It’s raining heavily . I like the sounds of heavy rain and the thunder in a dark.

I am in my bed lying down with my phone using social media. and listening to my favourite songs. It’s a perfect time to read anything you like when it rains.

Every drop has a story to tell. And I am going to share some pictures which talks about rain( Baarish) …


🌹“Teacher’s Day  Celebration”🌹

✨✨Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September of every year in India – the birth anniversary of the former President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.🙏 This is the special day for the appreciation of the teachers . We celebrate this day to honour the Gurus (teachers ) who guide , teaches and help us to choose the correct path. ✨✨

Without teachers our lives has no meanings. They are the one who makes effort to build our lives fruitful. They are like a coconut , hard from outside as they scold us for doing wrong and making mistakes but from inside they are soft, they always want us to be a good human being and a better person with moral and social values.

Every year in my college there is a proper celebration with decorations 🌸and cultural program like 💃 dancing, 🎤🎵singing, speeches etc.

But today we could not do so as my college is closed due to lockdown. So my batchmates decided for a social distancing celebration. We invited teachers for the online meeting 🤝. On video conference we greeted them and made them feel special by  arranging a little program. We started with the 🙏Guru Vandana🙏, a song for teacher in Sanskrit language, as we are Indian and our every celebration start with a sanskrit slokas.

After that there was a speech ceremony, everyone shared their views and showed their values for teachers in their lives. We thanked our mentors for motivating, inspiring and helping us.

As our professors are doing their best to teach us from home by taking online classes, making videos on lectures and sharing with us. In words , it’s difficult to tell them what they meant to us.

After a long time we talked face to face with our professors and H. O. Ds. It was the very happy and memorable moment . Being quarantined we made a little effort to show them their importance and respect we have in our lives…

But for me this day became more special when my students ( I am also a home tuitor 🙂) wished me and got a little gift and chocolates for me. I had started taking tuition classes when I completed my 12 th and joined college i. e two years back. In these two years they really made me feel so special. ✨

Today was one of the wonderful,glorious and mesmerizing day. 😍😍

At last I also want to wish all the bloggers who make me inspired with their posts.

✨💐Happy teacher’s day💐✨

Human mind corona virus…

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. You all must be wondering what my topic is about. Well, as we know still the corona situation is not in control. Vaccine trials are in the continuation and I wish, till the end of this year we will succeed in fight of this virus. But do you know this virus has affected many people , not only those who are in contact with this virus but also who are quarantined like us in their houses. As I told before, I keep myself busy in exploring myself by reading books, learning languages, playing games and many more activities. But the most important thing I used to do always is to motivate ownself.

Now, today I am going to let you guys get acquainted with the term Human mind corona virus.Well this virus does not spread by getting in contact with the person, it is affecting those people who are quarantined and and say they have nothing to do, and their lives are hell. Yes, I am talking about the mental illness. In most part of the world people’s are in depression, their thoughts are hampering their minds, some of them even form suicidal thoughts, and negative thoughts. They don’t know how to enjoy their lives as they all living it in a boring and tedious days. All of them are wondering and only wondering of the end of the lockdown. Well guys this is not the solution to live our lives in such stupidity, thinking, and wondering etc.

We should keep ourselves busy in the activities which we like, so that this virus could not attack our mental stability.

We all get bored doing the same stuffs again and again, repeating it and thinking better to end lives than to enjoy this. It’s not they are the only people who get affected infact I too feel bored and depressed sometimes but, I have kept myself mentally strong.

Some rules, or we can say the activities, which I have been following in these times , which are acting as an antidote, antivirus for this mental viruses are:

1.Always remind yourself the goals which you have set for the future. 2.Watch motivational speeches, movies, ted talks, tedx etc. 3.Play the game which you like the most, atleast for 30 minutes. 4.If you are a student like me than you must give time to your studies. 5.Never discouraged yourself rather built confidence in improving your self esteem. 6.Read books ,any kind of books may be adventures, scary, tragedy, romantic etc. 7. Use social media in a limit, as it can only waste your time looking at others life. 8.Be disciplined, always follow your routine first. 9.Dont let in, negativity in your mind, 10.Spend and share happy, funny moments with your family. 11.Listen to the music, learn different art forms or dance forms. 12.Take a proper sleep at least of 8 hours.

These are the things which I apply on myself daily to get motivated and realise that my life is interesting and I can use these days in learning and exploring new everytime.

So, guys stop thinking the bullshits . And start working on yourself today itself. As it is said… It’s never too late to explore…

If you enjoyed my post please like ,follow and comment and at last but not the least I would say # Stay safe Stay motivated#

French, French some more…

Never stop learning what you like…

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for giving me your precious time to view my first blog. It gave me motivation, enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration to keep pace with my blog.

Well ,language is something which helps to learn the culture, living,and explore the different parts of the world without visiting to a particular place. As a child I always wanted to learn something new but at that time I was quite small to ask my parents for that because they would always ask me to focus on my school subjects . But now I can learn anything in my electronic gadgets without any interruption . As we are quarantined let’s explore these days and make it memorable and knowledgeable.

Today I will be continuing with some more French word with you all…

Colours in French 1.Green – le vert (for m) / verte ( for f) 2.Red – le rouge 3.White – le blanc ( for m) blanche ( for f) 4.Black -le noir( for m) / noire ( for f) 5.Blue – le bleu 6.Yellow -le jaune 7.Orange – L’ orange 8.Pink – le rose 9.Brown – le marron 10.Grey – le gris ( for m) / grise ( for f) 11.Silver – l’argent 12.Purple – le pourpre

Animals and birds 1. Cat – un chat 2.Dog -un chien 3.Horse – un cheval 4.Cow – une vanche 5.Goat -une chevre 6.Pig – un porc 7.Sheep – un mouton 8.Tiger – un tigre 9.Lion – un lion 10.Monkey – un singe 11. Peacock – un paon 12.Eagle – un aigle 13.Owl – une chouette 14. Hen – une poule 15.Duck – un canard 16. Goose – une oie

Words in French 1. Yes – oui 2. No – non 3.Here – ici 4.Come – venir 5.Have to – dois 7.With – avec 8.A lot – beaucoup 9.Nice – gentil 10. Good – bonn 11.Bad – mauvais 12.Danger – dangereux 13.Before – avant 14.After- apres

Food and drinks 1.Apple -pomme 2.Bread – pain 3.Cheese – fromage 4. Jam – confiture 5.Butter – beurre 6.Tea – the 7.Coffee – cafe 8. Wine – vin 9.Vegetable – legume 10.Pizza -pizza 11.Tomato -tomate 12.Potato – patate 13.Water – l eau 14.Milk – lait

Places we visit 1.School – l’ ecole 2. College – universite 3.Office – bureau 4.Garden – jardin 5. Subway – metro 6.City – ville 7.Church – eglise 8.Market – supermarche 9.Bakery – boulongerie 10. Playground -terrain de jeux

Some of the French words I have shared with you all to learn something new and explore… If you like it please do comment and follow my blog for more updates…

Let’s learn French

Hello everyone, this is my first ever blog post. As we all are quarantined in our house because of Covid situation so i decided to share my thoughts, knowledge that I received; experiences that I gained; dreams that I want to pursue and all the stuffs which is there in my chaotic, dreamy, childish, humorous, and beautiful mind. So I decided to pen down all my thoughts.

In these quarantined times I have tried to enhance my skills and explore myself from different activities ,One of those are learning French. Today I am going to light up some French words , phases with you all… so that you can get familiar with a new language.

While starting it ,You must know French is spoken mainly in 29 counties like France, Belgium, Canada, Madagascar, Guinea , Monaco, Niger etc.

Greeting 1. Salut! – Hi / Bye 2.Bonjour – Hello / Good Morning /Good afternoon 3.Bonsoir – Good Evening 4.Bon nuit – Good Night 5.Enchante- Nice to meet you 6.Au revoir – Good bye 7.A demain – See you tomorrow 8.A bientot – See you soon 9.Merci – Thank you 10. Sorry – Desole

Words in French …

Numbers 1 – un / une 2 – duex 3 – trois 4 – quatre 5 – cinq 6 – six 7 – sept 8 – huit 9 – neuf 10 – dix

Names of weeks 1.Monday – Lundi 2.Tuesday -Mardi 3.Wednesday – Mercredi 4.Thursday – Jeudi 5.Friday – Vendredi 6.Saturday – Samedi 7.Sunday – Demanche

People 1.Girl – fille 2.Boy – garcon 3.Woman / Wife – femme 4. Man – homme 5.Mother – mere 6.Father – pere 7.Grandmother – grandmere 8.Grandfather – grandpere 9.Husband – mari 10.Children – enfants 11.Brother – frere 12.Sister – Soeur 13.Friend – amie ( feminine) /ami (masculine) 14.Neighbour – voisine ( feminine) /voisin ( masculine)

Translations of sentences 1. Hi, how are you? Salut! Comment ca va? 2. Hi, I am fine, thank you Salut! Ca va bien, merci 3.What is your name? Comment tu t ‘appelles ? 4. My names is Maria. Je m’ appelle Maria 5. I am a girl. Je suis une fille

These are some of the French words for beginners which I shared from my lessons I learned.