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Never stop learning what you like…

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for giving me your precious time to view my first blog. It gave me motivation, enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration to keep pace with my blog.

Well ,language is something which helps to learn the culture, living,and explore the different parts of the world without visiting to a particular place. As a child I always wanted to learn something new but at that time I was quite small to ask my parents for that because they would always ask me to focus on my school subjects . But now I can learn anything in my electronic gadgets without any interruption . As we are quarantined let’s explore these days and make it memorable and knowledgeable.

Today I will be continuing with some more French word with you all…

Colours in French 1.Green – le vert (for m) / verte ( for f) 2.Red – le rouge 3.White – le blanc ( for m) blanche ( for f) 4.Black -le noir( for m) / noire ( for f) 5.Blue – le bleu 6.Yellow -le jaune 7.Orange – L’ orange 8.Pink – le rose 9.Brown – le marron 10.Grey – le gris ( for m) / grise ( for f) 11.Silver – l’argent 12.Purple – le pourpre

Animals and birds 1. Cat – un chat 2.Dog -un chien 3.Horse – un cheval 4.Cow – une vanche 5.Goat -une chevre 6.Pig – un porc 7.Sheep – un mouton 8.Tiger – un tigre 9.Lion – un lion 10.Monkey – un singe 11. Peacock – un paon 12.Eagle – un aigle 13.Owl – une chouette 14. Hen – une poule 15.Duck – un canard 16. Goose – une oie

Words in French 1. Yes – oui 2. No – non 3.Here – ici 4.Come – venir 5.Have to – dois 7.With – avec 8.A lot – beaucoup 9.Nice – gentil 10. Good – bonn 11.Bad – mauvais 12.Danger – dangereux 13.Before – avant 14.After- apres

Food and drinks 1.Apple -pomme 2.Bread – pain 3.Cheese – fromage 4. Jam – confiture 5.Butter – beurre 6.Tea – the 7.Coffee – cafe 8. Wine – vin 9.Vegetable – legume 10.Pizza -pizza 11.Tomato -tomate 12.Potato – patate 13.Water – l eau 14.Milk – lait

Places we visit 1.School – l’ ecole 2. College – universite 3.Office – bureau 4.Garden – jardin 5. Subway – metro 6.City – ville 7.Church – eglise 8.Market – supermarche 9.Bakery – boulongerie 10. Playground -terrain de jeux

Some of the French words I have shared with you all to learn something new and explore… If you like it please do comment and follow my blog for more updates…

Let’s learn French

Hello everyone, this is my first ever blog post. As we all are quarantined in our house because of Covid situation so i decided to share my thoughts, knowledge that I received; experiences that I gained; dreams that I want to pursue and all the stuffs which is there in my chaotic, dreamy, childish, humorous, and beautiful mind. So I decided to pen down all my thoughts.

In these quarantined times I have tried to enhance my skills and explore myself from different activities ,One of those are learning French. Today I am going to light up some French words , phases with you all… so that you can get familiar with a new language.

While starting it ,You must know French is spoken mainly in 29 counties like France, Belgium, Canada, Madagascar, Guinea , Monaco, Niger etc.

Greeting 1. Salut! – Hi / Bye 2.Bonjour – Hello / Good Morning /Good afternoon 3.Bonsoir – Good Evening 4.Bon nuit – Good Night 5.Enchante- Nice to meet you 6.Au revoir – Good bye 7.A demain – See you tomorrow 8.A bientot – See you soon 9.Merci – Thank you 10. Sorry – Desole

Words in French …

Numbers 1 – un / une 2 – duex 3 – trois 4 – quatre 5 – cinq 6 – six 7 – sept 8 – huit 9 – neuf 10 – dix

Names of weeks 1.Monday – Lundi 2.Tuesday -Mardi 3.Wednesday – Mercredi 4.Thursday – Jeudi 5.Friday – Vendredi 6.Saturday – Samedi 7.Sunday – Demanche

People 1.Girl – fille 2.Boy – garcon 3.Woman / Wife – femme 4. Man – homme 5.Mother – mere 6.Father – pere 7.Grandmother – grandmere 8.Grandfather – grandpere 9.Husband – mari 10.Children – enfants 11.Brother – frere 12.Sister – Soeur 13.Friend – amie ( feminine) /ami (masculine) 14.Neighbour – voisine ( feminine) /voisin ( masculine)

Translations of sentences 1. Hi, how are you? Salut! Comment ca va? 2. Hi, I am fine, thank you Salut! Ca va bien, merci 3.What is your name? Comment tu t ‘appelles ? 4. My names is Maria. Je m’ appelle Maria 5. I am a girl. Je suis une fille

These are some of the French words for beginners which I shared from my lessons I learned.