Human mind corona virus…

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. You all must be wondering what my topic is about. Well, as we know still the corona situation is not in control. Vaccine trials are in the continuation and I wish, till the end of this year we will succeed in fight of this virus. But do you know this virus has affected many people , not only those who are in contact with this virus but also who are quarantined like us in their houses. As I told before, I keep myself busy in exploring myself by reading books, learning languages, playing games and many more activities. But the most important thing I used to do always is to motivate ownself.

Now, today I am going to let you guys get acquainted with the term Human mind corona virus.Well this virus does not spread by getting in contact with the person, it is affecting those people who are quarantined and and say they have nothing to do, and their lives are hell. Yes, I am talking about the mental illness. In most part of the world people’s are in depression, their thoughts are hampering their minds, some of them even form suicidal thoughts, and negative thoughts. They don’t know how to enjoy their lives as they all living it in a boring and tedious days. All of them are wondering and only wondering of the end of the lockdown. Well guys this is not the solution to live our lives in such stupidity, thinking, and wondering etc.

We should keep ourselves busy in the activities which we like, so that this virus could not attack our mental stability.

We all get bored doing the same stuffs again and again, repeating it and thinking better to end lives than to enjoy this. It’s not they are the only people who get affected infact I too feel bored and depressed sometimes but, I have kept myself mentally strong.

Some rules, or we can say the activities, which I have been following in these times , which are acting as an antidote, antivirus for this mental viruses are:

1.Always remind yourself the goals which you have set for the future.

2.Watch motivational speeches, movies, ted talks, tedx etc.

3.Play the game which you like the most, atleast for 30 minutes.

4.If you are a student like me than you must give time to your studies.

5.Never discouraged yourself rather built confidence in improving your self esteem.

6.Read books ,any kind of books may be adventures, scary, tragedy, romantic etc.

7. Use social media in a limit, as it can only waste your time looking at others life.

8.Be disciplined, always follow your routine first.

9.Dont let in, negativity in your mind,

10.Spend and share happy, funny moments with your family.

11.Listen to the music, learn different art forms or dance forms.

12.Take a proper sleep at least of 8 hours.

These are the things which I apply on myself daily to get motivated and realise that my life is interesting and I can use these days in learning and exploring new everytime.

So, guys stop thinking the bullshits . And start working on yourself today itself. As it is said… It’s never too late to explore…

If you enjoyed my post please like ,follow and comment and at last but not the least I would say # Stay safe # Stay motivated

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