Reduce belly fat…

Basically you all know belly fat is something ,which makes us feel uncomfortable about ourselves.
The extra or the excessive fats in the abdominal area really looks bad. In fact it is the sign of unhealthiness, lack of exercise ,poor and unbalanced diet. This fats tell us lot about the lifestyle of the people ,the way they are living ,neglecting and not priortizing their health

Sometimes people due to their regular stuffs or work they cannot take care of their health .Today it has become a major concern in our daily life.

Here I have got a simple, and relevant tips for you all which can be easily implemented in our regular busy,working and hectic life.😊😊

1.Make a diet chart for your regular days and try to follow it.

Its very important to keep track of the regular life should know what food are being consumed by your body such as Are you taking a proper amount of nutrition, vitamins and minerals ? Are you priortising that foods which are oily and greasy?
These unhealthy routine can be changed down only by a diet chart.

2.Drink plenty of water .

As you know in our body there is 70 % of water. To maintain the water level ,you need to take as much fluid as you can.

3.Add exercise to your lives

At least in 24 hr you should give 15 minutes for your health.Its not that only exercises should be done. You can choose to dance ,jog or can do any physical exercise you are comfortable in.

4.Try to be stress free

In these busy schedule,in our works we go through lots of prolems,issue ,and irregularity .It does mean that you have to be in a stress for your entire life. You must take a break to overcome stress. you can read books or can just meditate .By this you can be calm, composed and relaxed.

5.There should be reduction in sugary and packaged food.
These high calorie will only increase the belly fats.So , its very important to intake less packaged products.
Instead of taking lifts (elevators),try use stairs.

6.Sleep is necessary.
Sleep is very essential for maintaining a healthy life.

7.Never try to skip your restful sleep. Atleast 7 hours sleep is must.

8.Keeping fast can also be very effective in weight loss.
Twice a week ,a proper fasting should be kept. You can start your fast by fasting for 15 hrs and after that consuming foods within 6 to 7 hours.

9.Surround yourself with a health maintained and focused people.
As we know that if we hang out with the people with healthy lifestyle we try to follow them.
So try to join social groups who works on good and healthy life

10.Add green tea to your tea time


# Stay home Stay safe…

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